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Concentration and the Acquirement of Personal Magnetism

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Personal Magnetism – The Magnetic Will

Manifest Your Desires Effortlessly


THESE papers would not be prefect without some reference to the method of concentration used by the Indian adepts, who acquire the habit ONLY BY DEVOTING A LIFETIME TO THE STUDY. We in the West have not the time for this, nor do I think we shall benefit very much by the various methods of “killing thought” advocated by those who wish merely to make the mind blank to receive inspirational communications from what is the “unknown,” but I know that we can make our mind blank without any particular effort if we will not attempt to do too much at first; and we must also remember that strong healthy bodies are necessities for those who would take up the concentrating methods with any zest, for when we hold our mind to any given subject for any length of time, the grosser atoms of thought which have traveled to the spot or object concentrated upon, sink down back to the original starting place – in fact they filter away, and their place is taken by finer particles, causing a great mental strain upon the thinker, and unless there is strong health to back up the nervous strain, madness, or brain fever would be the result, but as long as the health is all right concentration will benefit, and not harm the student. Grow to the practice gradually, and you will gain all you need, and find all efforts crowned with success.

It is not at all a bad plan to use a glass bowl of water when concentrating. Fix the desire in mind, and try to see the words spell out in the bowl; this method helps to fix the attention, and if a bowl of water is not handy, try a pencil and a piece of paper; the idea is simply to convey the message to the brain, through the retina of the eye, for this holds the image as does the sensitive plate used by the photographer.

Sit when most convenient – it is almost impossible to have any fixed time. In any course of lessons written for general use it is almost impossible to give just the information needed by each individual, and if my pupils will explain their personal difficulties they will help me and themselves, for I will gladly write a full reply to all their requirement upon receipt of 2s. 6d. to cover time and stationary.

The following brief rules may be remembered:

If you want money, see it coming to you; let your concentration be general; have faith; expect what you want to come to you

If you have ill health, do not think of the particular disease, which may trouble you, but concentrate all your attention upon the acquirement of perfect health; do no let any other idea come into your mind for the time being; say, “I AM WELL, PERFECT HEALTH IS MINE, pure vital blood flows through my veins, I am a perfect manifestation of the All Good, and in every part of my body there is nothing but life and live.” I have found this statement to bring relief even in the most obstinate cases, and it seldom fails. Talk nothing but health, sleep, dream, and EAT it, and you will very soon manifest it, for if people talked health half as assiduously as they discuss their pet ailments, the doctor would have to find a new profession!

Do you think that because you have not immediate health that you are making a false statement; you are, by your mental attitude, preparing the “TOMORROW,” and so the statement is true, for if you say “I will be well,” instead of “I am well,” your are postponing the harvest of your thought.

If your trouble should be some great sorrow let your statement run thus: -I AM LOVE, LOVE FILLS MY BOY, AND I AM FULL OF THE GLORIOUS AND JOYOUS RADIANCE ONLY LOVE CAN EMIT. ALL IS GOOD, AND I AM HAPPY.” Do not say this once but dozens of times, and allow the statement to sink in until you become the image of your ideal.

In time you will become as radiant as the love you profess, and when this takes place you will find the world all right without any further effort on your part.

Now I intend passing on to the subject of “Personal Magnetism,” and the question naturally arises. What is Personal Magnetism?

Followed by the equally pertinent demand. What are its uses?

Personal Magnetism is really many things. First it is organized will power; secondly it is health; thirdly it is the ability to amalgamate the will power and health, and aided by the desire to “obtain” certain objects, to so project the subtle and highly potent magnetic force thus generated in the body, as to attract people and circumstances – it means that every man and woman can become natural magnet they will persevere in their efforts to develop this force.

As for its uses, they are many.

This magnetic force is powerful to heal the sick, the greatest use which, in my opinion, it can be put.

It enables the man or woman who possesses it to attract or repel at will, or to draw to themselves SUCCESS, MONEY, FAME, POWER, HAPPINESS (if they use it wisely)!

Animal magnetism, then, is a very subtle substance filling the entire universe.

It is subtler than ether, just as the ether is subtler than air, and air than water.

As the vibrations of the ether permit light to travel, and the vibrations of the air sound, so the vibrations of the animal magnetism permit and cause other phenomena.

This vibratory substance is sometimes called “od” or “odylic force,” but I prefer the term animal or personal magnetism, because it is so much simpler and easier to understand, whether it is to be used as a healing agent or for any other purpose.

Every magnet has a positive and negative pole (the poles are situated at the two ends of an elongated magnet. These terms are generally accepted to mean – “Positive”- MORE, STRONGER, “Negative” – LESS, OR WEAKER. The first law of Magnetism is that like Magnet poles repel one another, and unlike Magnetic poles attract.

So the positive attracts the negative, the negative the positive, the strong the weak.

In man, the Magnet, his body and mind represent the two poles; we are taught by Helen Wilmans.

The BODY is the negative pole, MIND OR THOUGHT POWER the positive. The positive mind, the mind that has been made familiar with its own unlimited power, can attract to itself, by an ordinary reasoning process Animal Magnetism, and increase and store this force for everyday use, and generate it according to necessity.

It is intimately associated with your will power, your brain, your thought but for the cultivation you must follow the exercises give in a later lesson, and you will attain real life will throw off your years, off your cares, and gain such health and success as you desire – and more!

The recognition of Universal Intelligence is essential.

I want you to become strong Individually, to rest upon the knowledge of your own power; but do not forget this same power is but the reflected glory of the one Light, the center of all things.

It is the custom of many teachers of Metaphysics to assert that a personal God is impossible, that God is an essence, and does not possess a personality.

With this teaching many pupils are repelled who would otherwise be attracted to the Higher Thought.

Science must always advance, and when I undertake the task of assimilating the metaphysical Deity with Theological Deity, I am going one step forward.

Briefly the idea is this: It has been astronomically ascertained that the milky white is a gigantic belt of suns and worlds (of which our won Solar System is a very second rate affair, so far as size is concerned) which is continually revolving around, and is ordered by some unseen center of Gravity, upon which the whole depends. This, I am firmly convinces is “God”-the Father, a God of unlimited power.

From this glorious Being radiates a powerful, subtle essence, which reach throughout the unlimited realms of space – and the name of this emanation is both Life and Love.

Wherever there is substance or life, which it forever creates – there is set up a Holy Shrine, and the place assigned to that shrine in man, is, by Rosicrucian’s, assumed to be the physical HEART, which is the center of the physical body, as the Father is the center of ALL.

Within the valves of the human heart this Holy radiance settles and finds a home, as a sunbeam might settle upon a flower, and from thence, at the dictation of man’s conscious will and thought, this Divine light can again radiate in infinite love, drawing to the man all he needs of health, or wealth, or happiness. For in this way he becomes one with the Father, an intimate and dearly beloved Friend.

This definition may also be applied to the brain, if the student prefers that to the physical heart.

Now FAITH in your power to achieve success in the use of personal Magnetism is a very large factor towards that success.

The man, who has confidence in his ability, when wishing to transmit Magnetism, is going a very long way towards swift results; but the man who doubts his ability to exert this force simply wastes it.

A state frequently seen in the idealistic mind is that of the dreamer who can formulate but never execute, simply because of either intense waste of Magnetic power, or because of prostration of the entire nervous system.

A strong will must be normal, having complete control over every mental and bodily function, and to this end these lessons are intended.

I am teaching you to assert your SELF to be an Individual Entity, instead of a knock-kneed invertebrate, bolstered up at every turn by all sorts of unhealthy, weakening devices. The Magnetic WILL can only be cultivated by constant practice, when instead of being the playing thing of Fate of Circumstance, you become the wirepuller, and order your own Circumstance.