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Concentration and the Acquirement of Personal Magnetism

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How To Weave Thought Currents

Manifest Your Desires Effortlessly


THERE are two distinct aims in the attainment of the power of concentration: First, to mold the consciousness into a new and better state; second, to attain the highest possible knowledge of things spiritual.

Remember that habit is what you desire to cultivate, so that you are able to form your body anew, and to repeat the process almost involuntarily is the chief necessity for continual and regular concentration, for the more concentrated and single your mind becomes on any particular point, the more it tends to permanency, and in the same way, if you are irregular, you tend to suppress the thought power you ought to manifest.

The cellular brain tissues are greatly changed by this process of correct thinking, and may be actually increased, whilst those that have been constructed by wrong thinking are caused to waste away. Every effort at right thought, or concentration, brings into play a new set of atoms which tend to build up the new tissues, and at the same time devour and destroy the old.

There is absolutely nothing in the all world so plastic as the brain of man. It can be molded by the will or over soul of the owner or of someone who may have influence over him, and in this way a teacher, by applying the right impulse, may bring the pupil to a higher state of mind, and help him in the process of rebuilding his physical and mental system.

When a man arrives at a state when he realizes how much his over soul can do for him he does not need a teacher to help in the molding process, but when, as very frequently happens, the spirit awakens in a man whose over soul is still more or less dormant, then is the guidance of a teacher more or less of a necessity.

Often the searcher after truth doubts his own power and divinity and so long as he doubts he will obtain little benefit from the occult. It is the poor opinion of his own powers which keeps man in the background, and also that he forgets that every moment of his life he is fashioning the future, that is to say, that all his thoughts today may take material form tomorrow, or the day after, so that each time he fails to concentrate with earnest purpose, each time he omits the daily exercise, he is postponing his future happiness.

The action of breathing deeply, which I have recommended, has the effect of quickening the circulation of the blood, and in some way acts upon the brain tissue, making sight, it the spiritual sense, hearing, and sense all more acute; and when you think some strong and positive thoughts as you breathe, it has the effect of sending this message to every part of the body, right along the nerves, arteries and blood vessels, until the whole body has taken up the chorus and is full of the power of your thought. Here again the value of concentration comes in; a decided message sent along your physical telegraph wire reaches the point at once and makes a firm and decided record, whilst a weak thought has no such effect. So that if you seek to overcome some bodily ill, get a clear grasp of the part that needs renovation, and then turn all your thought force inwards and send a strong message to that part.

“I am strong, I am well, I am divine. All is life, and in my thought and mind dwells infinite life. I am making my future all along the line, and that future shall be perfection. I am invincible, nothing can harm me, and it is my intention to manifest my power right now in my body.”

Do not say these words like a parrot; think of all they mean, think of all they put behind you, and of all they open up before you. You are making your future now, Now, and when you sit in concentration you are weaving your own fate – good, bad, or indifferent.

Having learnt how to concentrate for a few minutes at a time, first on things mundane, then on the more difficult phases of spirit, make a habit of devoting a short time daily to the contemplation of your future prospects. When you begin to know the peace and calm which falls upon you after sitting in this concentration, you will begin to value it accordingly; at first it soon wears off, but as your mind becomes more and more organized so will the results last longer, and the time will come when you can take this infinite peace with you wherever you go, take it with you and bestow it upon others.

In the natural course of events all the thought force, which I am asking you to conserve, is wasted, and so you achieve little success in either business or any other matter. When you desire business success you must concentrate all your thought force upon the matter that must succeed, and you must then name it aloud; in your thought, see it a success, and the expect that success to manifest.

Now having done that, begin to weave your thought into power currents. See these currents traveling to the object and surrounding it on every side, until it is bathed in powerful currents of thought force which are more powerful and can travel faster than a flash of lightening, and are more deadly in execution than a strong electric battery; these in their turn act as magnets and attract all the good forces in other people who are brought into contact with the matter in hand, and they in their turn do all they can to foster its success. You many ask how to weave the thought current I have spoken of.

( Diagram not shown )

I strongly advise the use of the imagination to aid in this. The first ingredient is the power to concentrate; the second is to see in your imagination, your mind machine producing and generating a very fine and subtle fluid, full of this marvelous power; then, of course, you project it as directed in the first lesson, and let it follow the course given in the above diagram. “A” is the brain, “B” is the thought force that travels on its journey through the ether, and “C” is the object you desire to enfold with this mighty current of living mind stuff.

Perform this exercise two or three times a day, and you will never fail, that is to say, as soon as you have got your brain into a sufficiently organized condition to carry out your orders. This ought to be the case in about two or three months, if you follow these lessons implicitly. You see, it is not a case of miracles, but simply as system of organized education, and the results are as sure as the Tower or London.

Always regard thought as a substance. You can conceive very easily of the effect a flash of lightning would have if it played around any given object for a time, or better still, you know well the effect a current of magnetism has upon a bar of iron, and as I have told you again and again, your thought is more powerful than any of these things, and when you play it in the right condition around any given object, then you produce the same results; for as the flow of magnetism produces what it knows as induction that is to say, the transference of a magnetic or electric state from an electrified body to a non-electrified body, by proximity without contact.), so your thought force inducts its etheric substance into what ever you choose to play it upon.

The analogies between the science of electricity, and, indeed, the whole realm of physics and the noumenal world of thought and spirit are curious, and the more one investigates the more certain it appears that the same laws govern both.